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·Up to 44% greater muscle activation in virtually all muscle groups from “the core to the floor”

 -Works & shapes your core: 44% greater activation of your Obliques

 -Works & tones the Gluteus Medius & Gluteus Maximus: 38% greater activation

 -Works & tones both inner & outer thighs: 43% greater activation

·23% faster trip to your Target Heart Rate

·And, if you’re into it, supports High Intensity Interval Training with all its benefits

 -Higher resting metabolic rate (burn more calories even when not working out)

 -Lower resting blood pressure

 -Greater VO2 max

·Best of all, the Helix is FUN & DIFFERENT

 -The lateral motion is a BLAST - almost makes you forget how much good it’s doing!


If you’re looking to shape up fast for summer, you’ve GOT to check out Helix Lateral Trainers.  

The patented 360° lateral motion will turbo charge your workout & you’ll drop lbs. & inches while picking up lower body and core strength, agility, balance and endurance.  It will happen faster than you ever dreamed possible your thighs & butt will get toned & shaped so you’ll definitely be bringing you’re A-Game to the beach!

Just name some physically challenging summer sports - tennis, softball, beach volleyball, golf, hiking, mountain biking - and they all share a common requirement: A POWERFUL & FLEXIBLE LOWER BODY.  And that’s exactly what the Helix was designed to give you.  

Here's how it works:


H 1000

Helix H1000