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Green Series

Innovation • Efficiency • Durability


Green 6000 Recumbent Bike Green 6000 Treadmill

Gren 6000 Treadmill

Green 6000 Recumbent Bike


• Powerful 3.5 HP, high-efficiency

  DC motor

• 60”L x 20”W lubricant-infused,

  TPU running belt

• Shock-absorbing,

  maintenance-free deck

• Contact & telemetric heart-rate


• Cooling fan, speakers & USB port

• Zinc dip anti-corrosion coating

• Full commercial components on a

  light commercial frame


• Cordless - self-powered

• Ergonomic, over-sized


  and adjustable straps

• Contact and telemetric

  heart-rate sensors

• Convenient reading

  rack/tablet holder

• Easy-glide, 13-level

  adjustable seat

• Walk-thru design

• Space saver  

Green series

Provides the most energy-efficient cardio equipment on the market.  By utilizing the highest efficiency motors in combination with technologically advanced drive motor controllers, friction reducing running belts and decks, Green machines are not only efficient but powerful too.  They offer high quality full commercial components on light commercial equipment.  

Recently Green Series was put to a test at a U.S. Marine Corps training facility.  After months of heavy use, Green Series performed as well as or better than competitors products, which cost on average 50% more.  Green products are durable and tough, even under pressure. So if you’re in the market for some new exercise equipment, think Green!